Sevenoaks Town Council launches ‘Call for Small Sites’ as part of Neighbourhood Plan process.

The Sevenoaks Town call for Small sites is specifically seeking nominations for sites from landowners or local people that:

  • Are capable of delivering less than 5 residential units, this includes
    • Previously undeveloped land
    • Sub division of existing plots
    • Splitting existing accommodation into multiple units e.g. dividing a large detached house into flats
    • the conversion of non residential space
  • Are capable of being delivered within the plan term i.e. 20 years
  • Are within the Parish of Sevenoaks

Nominations are also sought for small parcels of land capable of supporting other uses, such as public outdoor amenity space, employment space, or other uses of benefit to the local community.

The call for small sites emerged from the Sevenoaks Town Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee, sites capable of delivering development of greater than 5 units are considered by Sevenoaks District Council as the Planning Authority, but no register or evidence base exists for the number of small sites in Sevenoaks which have the potential for development or other public uses.

Anyone wishing to put forward a site for consideration can do so by visiting the plan’s website:

Consultation closes on the 4th May 2016

Hugh D’Alton
Assistant Town Clerk

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