Changes to predicted NDP Timetable following Statutory Consultee’s recommendation that STC obtain a Strategic Environmental Assessment:

Following the receipt of Scoping Opinions from Sevenoaks Town Council’s (STC) Statutory Consultees over whether we should obtain a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), the previous predictions for the Neighbourhood Development Plan’s (NDP) timescale of progress are now out of date.

Sevenoaks Town Council completed their Technical Support Application to Locality on 6th July 2021 and expect to hear back on whether it will be Granted or not by end of July. If successful, a consultant from AECOM will be appointed and the SEA completed in a predicted 8-12 week time-frame.

Taking this into consideration, the below table displays the predicted timeline of progress that we expect to see, should the Application be successful.

In the event that it is unsuccessful, this timeline will need to be reviewed, however, the Town Council is working to minimise the delay that this could cause by seeking independent quotes for the SEA in tandem with their application.

Any questions regarding this may be sent to the Georgie Elliston, Planning Committee Clerk at

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