Sevenoaks Town Council’s NDP December 2021 Final Draft published with Progress Update

Sevenoaks Town Council’s (STC) emerging Neighbourhood Development Plan (Final December 2021 Draft) is in the process of having a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) completed by AECOM, prior to its submission stage. In order to minimise any delays to the plan’s submission to Sevenoaks District Council, STC have been working closely with AECOM to make edits to the Neighbourhood Development Plan throughout this process, as opposed to waiting for the Report to be finalised.

The Strategic Environmental Assessment has made the following progress:

  • 2nd November: The Scoping Report for the SEA, which proposes objectives and assessment questions to be included in the final document, came back from Statutory Consultees.
  • 15th November: AECOM produced a high level appraisal of the NDP’s policies, to be included within the SEA Environmental Report. This found that the NDP policies and aims perform favourably in sustainability terms, and also suggested edits, which have been incorporated in the final draft. All edits that have been made to the NDP are outlined below and the updated, final draft version of the NDP December 2021 is available to view and download here.
  • To date: AECOM continue to progress with the SEA Environmental Report with the hopes of it going to Statutory Consultees in December 2021. On receipt of the Statutory Consultee responses, a Town Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee will be arranged to discuss the feedback received, as well as next steps. This meeting will be open to the public and announced in due course.

Outline of changes made to the NDP Final Draft December 2021):

  • Page 11 – Policy L2 text revised to add note re drainage infrastructure
  • Page 15 – Policy D1 text amended to make clear that sites are not allocated
  • Page 21 – Addition of text re SEA
  • Page 40 – Additional notes added re heritage impact assessments and archaeological evaluations (supporting text to Policy C1)
  • Page 48 – Reference to the use of biodiversity metric tools to calculate biodiversity net gain. (supporting text to Policy L1)
  • Page 49 – Policy L2 text revised to add note re drainage infrastructure
  • Page 68 – Policy D1 reworded to make it clear that sites are not allocated.
  • Pages 70-76 – Development quantums removed from all site guidance and redlines removed from figures
  • Page 79 – Development quantums removed from guidance  on Tarmac site and redline removed from figure
  • Page 81 – additional notes on sourcing of local materials and on retrofitting properties added (supporting text to Policy D6)

Any questions regarding the above information may be forwarded to Georgie Elliston, Planning Committee Clerk at

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