Changes to the NDP Final Draft 2022 as per Statutory Consultee’s requirements approved by Planning Committee 10-01-2022

On 10th January 2022, Sevenoaks Town Council’s Planning Committee (Working Party) received an update report from its consultant for the NDP, Hugo Nowell of Urban Initiatives Studio. This included edits made to the 13 sites the NDP supports for future development, revised in line with comments and approval of Historic England.

The full written report may be viewed in full below, and the verbal report (See Youtube timestamp 0:00-11:03) and later debate (See Youtube timestamp 1:01:20-1:26:29) may be watched on Youtube via this link.

Upon receiving this report, the Planning Committee Working Party discussed the implications of removing the design quantums and guidance on height and density, with Cllr Clayton voicing concerns that the edited version would not be supported at referendum. However, the Chief Executive and NDP consultant Hugo Nowell explained that, whilst principles that guide height scale, height and massing of development may be retained in the plan, guidance on potential development quantums and densities need to be removed, as the sites will not be allocated in the NDP. The NDP can then be accepted by the District Council for independent examination and referendum without significant further investigation and delays.

It was RESOLVED that the edits be approved.

Further updates may be expected once the Strategic Environmental Assessment Report is completed by AECOM and send to Statutory Consultees, and next steps will include presenting the Final 2022 Draft to the Steering Committee for approval.

Any questions may be directed to Georgie Elliston, Planning Committee Clerk:

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