Independent Examiner’s Report on the Sevenoaks Town Neighbourhood Development Plan 2020-2038

The Independent Examiner’s Report on the Sevenoaks Town Neighbourhood Development Plan, received on 21st December 2022, is available to view and download via the below link.

The purpose of this document is for the Independent Examiner to measure how well the Submission Draft of the Plan complies with the Basic Conditions, and also provides a comprehensive overview of each individual Policy and what function it may have in guiding future development within Sevenoaks Town.

Various amendments are recommended by the Independent Examiner throughout the document and are summarised at the end of the report. Some of these are in response to feedback received during the Regulation 16 Public Consultation in order to make Policy wording stronger, and some have been made in order to make the document fully compliant with the Basic Conditions.

The Independent Examiner has recommended that, with the proposed modifications in place, the revised NDP proceed to Referendum.

This document will be presented to the Planning Committee on 9th January 2023, to be held at the Town Council Chambers and open to the public. Further updates, including timeline for the Referendum (to be determined and organised by Sevenoaks District Council) are to be announced at a later date.


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