Update on the Neighbourhood Plan Progress

The final draft for the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) has now been completed and can be viewed by the link below.

Changes include:
– Taking into account comments made through the Regulation 14 Consultation
– Changes agreed with the NP Steering Group.
– The plan is now prepared to reference the Core Strategy and ADMP documents.

The next steps are to prepare the Basic Conditions Statement and Consultation Statement. Once the NP draft has been signed off by the NP Steering Group, this will be submitted formally to Sevenoaks District Council, and a SEA Scoping Opinion obtained.

Consultation Results Document available to view

A report detailing all the feedback received during the 2020 Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Period is now available to view.

The feedback will be discussed by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee on the 12th January 2021, and then again by the Planning Committee on the 25th January 2021.

The document can be found on the 2020 Consultation Response Document page.

Sevenoaks Neighbourhood Development Plan – Revised Programme

The progress of the Sevenoaks Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) has been delayed due to awaiting a decision on the Sevenoaks Local Plan, needed to establish which version the NDP would need to comply with.

It has been agreed that the NDP is amended to accord with the existing Core Strategy rather than with emerging policy.

There have also been restrictions on referendums due to the current pandemic. Currently not permitted to take place before 6th May 2021.

At the Sevenoaks Town Council’s Planning Committee held on 30th November 2020 the following timetable for progressing the Sevenoaks Neighbourhood Development Plan:

Tarmac Presentation 13th January 2020

At the start of the Planning Committee Meeting held on the 13th January 2020, Tarmac Ltd gave a presentation on proposals related to the Sevenoaks Town Neighbourhood Development Plan. It also discussed the Sevenoaks District Local Plan, with regards to the Sevenoaks Quarry Site. The presentation was open to the public and allowed for a Q & A session at the end.

If you would like to download a copy of the presentation slides then please click here.

Cultural Strategy Meeting

The draft Cultural Strategy commissioned by Sevenoaks Town Council, is now ready for feedback. The final document will be submitted for public consultation with the Neighbourhood Development Plan as an appendix.

The council have organised a meeting to invite back the previous arts groups consulted as well as the public, in order to discuss the Cultural Strategy before it is submitted for wider consultation. It will be hosted at the Stag Plaza, 7pm Thursday 23rd January 2020.

If you wish to attend the Arts group meeting or have any questions regarding the Cultural Strategy, please get in touch at planning@sevenoakstown.gov.uk.

Sevenoaks Town Council launches ‘Call for Small Sites’ as part of Neighbourhood Plan process.

The Sevenoaks Town call for Small sites is specifically seeking nominations for sites from landowners or local people that:

  • Are capable of delivering less than 5 residential units, this includes
    • Previously undeveloped land
    • Sub division of existing plots
    • Splitting existing accommodation into multiple units e.g. dividing a large detached house into flats
    • the conversion of non residential space
  • Are capable of being delivered within the plan term i.e. 20 years
  • Are within the Parish of Sevenoaks

Nominations are also sought for small parcels of land capable of supporting other uses, such as public outdoor amenity space, employment space, or other uses of benefit to the local community.

The call for small sites emerged from the Sevenoaks Town Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee, sites capable of delivering development of greater than 5 units are considered by Sevenoaks District Council as the Planning Authority, but no register or evidence base exists for the number of small sites in Sevenoaks which have the potential for development or other public uses.

Anyone wishing to put forward a site for consideration can do so by visiting the plan’s website:


Consultation closes on the 4th May 2016

Hugh D’Alton
Assistant Town Clerk

Land Allocations

At the Steering Committee meeting last night members considered a report on the Sevenoaks District Council call for sites, review of the Core Strategy, and how these processes will need to be factored into the development of the Neighbourhood Plan.

By way of background; during the Inspector’s consideration of the District Council’s Allocations and Development Management Plan (adopted 2015) a request was made and agreed that the Core Strategy should be reviewed in the next 5 years to ensure policies are based on up to date evidence which is in compliance with National Planning Policy Framework guidance. To this end Sevenoaks District Council are conducting a strategic assessment of the need for residential and employment space, and looking again at the subject of land allocations.

The District Council call for sites is currently underway and seeks to identify additional land which could be allocated for residential / employment / mixed use.

One of the key conditions that the Neighbourhood Plan must fulfil is being in general complain with the strategic policies of the District’s Local plan, and therefore, the allocations which will emerge from the review of the Core Strategy.

In order to ensure a ‘joined up’ approach to land allocations members approved the following recommendations at last night’s meeting:

  • The Sevenoaks Town Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee reviews current allocations and new draft allocations (when published), and forms a view on whether additional site-specific guidance and infrastructure requirements are justified.
  • The Steering Committee considers the list of unsuccessful allocations (due to owner objection) and determines whether allocation can be justified due to the desire of, and benefit to, the wider community.
  • The Steering Committee carries out a ‘Call for ‘micro’ sites’ capable of supporting <5 units, to build a broader evidence base for the capability of Sevenoaks Town to deliver additional housing / employment space during the plan period.
  • The Steering Committee considers whether clusters of allocations can be considered together to ensure that a holistic vision is developed for these areas of the town.

It is likely that the proposed ‘micro’ call for sites will be conducted in the new year. It is hoped that this will form an evidence base of Sevenoaks’ ability to deliver additional development beyond the larger allocations.

Consultation open on ‘main themes’ banners

The Steering Committee has signed off on the final banners, which pull together key themes from the Town Wide questionnaire which are now being made available for further comment.

Respondents are asked to rate each individual key theme from one to ten on (a) Importance (b) Support, there is also the option to provide additional comments on each of the themes.

Physical consultation dates have been arranged as follows:

Friday 11th December 2015, Sevenoaks Station Foyer, 1pm – 7pm

Saturday 12th December 2015, Stag Plaza Suite, 10am – 4pm

For more information on how to respond to the consultation please visit the consultation section of the site.

Integrated Transport Strategy

Consultation is currently underway on the Integrated Transport Strategy commissioned by Sevenoaks Town Council. This document will form one of the evidence documents which policies within the Neighbourhood Plan will be based upon.

The initial feedback from members of the public will be considered at the Steering Committee meeting on 14th September 2015.

A copy of the document can be downloaded here the key recommendations are set out on page 22.

Responses can be forwarded to planning@sevenoakstown.gov.uk, if you wish for your comments to be considered at the steering committee meeting on the 14th September please make sure you’ve submitted comments by 5pm on the 9th September.