Public Consultations

The Sevenoaks Town Neighbourhood Plan (STNP) has been created with the wishes of the local community as its main priority. Every stage of its progression, from the initial discussions on topics to be covered in the STNP, to the signing-off of the final document, have been widely advertised and invited public interaction.

Progression of the STNP has been organised via regular Steering Group meetings, all of which are open to the public, with Agendas and Minutes posted on the Town Council’s website.

Full documentation of the engagement activities are available via the 2022 Consultation Statement, which was submitted to Sevenoaks District Council (the Local Planning Authority) as part of the Statutory Neighbourhood Development Plan process.

A summary of the main consultation events that have been held is also provided below:

1st October 2013: Sevenoaks District Council consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan area

24th March 2014-June 2014: Town Wide Survey to identify Key Themes for the NDP – 889 questionnaires completed

11th-12th December 2015: Public Consultation event on the Neighbourhood Plan Themes

12th May 2017-14th June 2017: Public Consultation on the Northern Sevenoaks Masterplan

31st January 2020-31st March 2020: Regulation 14 Consultation on Draft Neighbourhood Plan – 268 responses received

22nd September 2022-4th August 2022: Regulation 16 Consultation on Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan – 36 responses received

5th May 2023: Public Referendum – 5,871 responded received (see below breakdown of Referendum results)

Question asked: “Do you want Sevenoaks District Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Sevenoaks Town to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

 Number of VotesPercentage
Number of votes cast for ‘No’1,29222.0%
Number of votes cast for ‘Yes’4,29473.1%
The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows:Number of ballot papers
Awant of an official mark0
Bvoting for more answers than the voter was entitled to13
Cwriting or mark by which voter could be identified1
Dbeing unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty271

Electorate:        15,185                        Ballot Papers Issued:         5,871                      Turnout:                     38.66%