Neighbourhood Plan Documents

The Submission Documents, including the Final June 2022 Draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan, are now available to view online. These were presented to and signed-off by the Steering Committee and the Planning Committee on 20th June 2022. 

The June 2022 Submission Draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan, alongside the below supporting documents, went out to Regulation 16 Public Consultation between 4th August 2022 – 22nd September 2022. They have since been received and reviewed by an Independent Examiner appointed by Sevenoaks District Council, alongside all comments received on it during the Regulation 16 Public Consultation.

Sevenoaks Neighbourhood Plan Final Submission Draft June 2022

Sevenoaks Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement June 2022

Sevenoaks Neighbourhood Plan Basic Conditions Statement June 2022


Strategic Environmental Assessment Environmental Statement by AECOM

Responses to the Regulation 16 Public Consultation, where permission was given to do so, have been published on Sevenoaks District Council’s website and are available to view via the following link.

Responses received during the 2022 Regulation 16 Public Consultation on the Sevenoaks Town Neighbourhood Plan


Independent Examiner Documents

The Independent Examiner, as appointed by Sevenoaks District Council in their capacity as the Local Planning Authority, provided his Report on 21st December 2022. This was received and accepted by Sevenoaks Town Council’s Planning Committee on 9th January 2023, and is available via the following link:

Independent Examiner’s Report on the STNP dated 21st December 2022

Various correspondences were shared between the IE and STC during the process of his writing the Report, and these are shared below:

Procedural Matters and Questions received from the IE 25th October 2022

STC’s Response to the Procedural Matters and Questions letter 15th November 2022

Fact-checking Report received from the IE 8th December 2022

STC’s Response to the Fact-checking Report 20th December 2022

For reference, the previous version of the NDP named “March 2021 Final Draft”, which went out to Regulation 14 Consultation, is available to view and download here.

For more information about the development of this document please visit the Background to the Plan tab.