Newsletter 2

Since our last newsletter the Sub Committee groups have been busy meeting to devise the questions which will form part of the Town wide questionnaire. These questions were considered by the Steering Committee on 3rd March 2014 and have been agreed in principle.

We are now working on converting these drafts into the final paper based document. The paper based questionnaire will be delivered to every house in the Town and we’ll also be launching an online version which will hopefully speed up the answering and analysis process. Questions will deal with a range issues such as parking, future housing provision, access to medical facilities, sports and recreation, and many more.

We’re aiming to have the questionnaire ready to launch by the 24th March 2014 to coincide with the Town Council’s Annual Town Meeting in the Stag Plaza Suite, exhibition by grant recipients 6:30pm meeting begins at 7:00pm

The Sub Committees have agreed to consider a wide range of topics as part of the Neighbourhood Development Plan and in addition to current planning policies and procedures will be including references to other strategic documents, such as the Sevenoaks Town Sports Strategy, Sevenoaks Cycle Strategy, integrated transport plan, and the Sevenoaks Town Partnership Strategy among others.

The Children’s competition we’re running in partnership with the Sevenoaks Chronicle is being sent out to local schools to encourage even more responses, additional copies are available from the Sevenoaks Art Shop in London Road or the Town Council Offices. Entrants have to set out their vision for how they’d like a specific site in Sevenoaks change or develop, it could involve the preservation of existing features, or the construction of a complete new building. The competition is divided into 3 age groups 5-10years, 11-14years, and 15-18years.

At the Steering Committee meeting on the 3rd March 2014 members looked at the first draft of a logo for the project and recommended some minor tweaks to the draft. We’d love to hear your thoughts on it (or perhaps you’d like to submit your own alternative design to us)

The logo highlights the junction in the Town Centre which has historically played an instrumental role in the development of the Town.

We’ve also launched a new Twitter account which will be updated regularly with news and information about the Neighbourhood Development Plan Project, following

@SevenoaksNP to keep up to date.

In our next Newsletter we’ll be discussing why it’s so important that as many people as possible complete and return the questionnaire and asking for your help in promoting it to your contacts.

As always if you’d be interested in getting involved with the Neighbourhood Plan process in Sevenoaks please get in contact with us: 01732 459 953


Supported by: Sevenoaks Town Council and the Department for Communities and Local Government

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